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I had the last session with my counsellor last week, following six weekly sessions. I had been suffering from general anxiety and panic attacks for approximately six years. At my first session, I cried for one hour, however, Baz promised that I would be feeling better in six weeks - and he was right. During the following five sessions, I felt myself becoming less anxious and more confident. Baz was very easy to talk to and understood everything I was saying. He managed to pinpoint certain life events that had led to certain negative ways of thinking and then gave me advice on how to deal with the problems.

I would not hesitate to recommend Baz to anyone suffering with an emotional/mental crisis. He is extremely caring and kind and very experienced. Thank you so much for your help Baz.

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I would highly recommend Bude Counselling Room to help in any aspect of your life that needs some outside guidance. Although we went for marital issues, which our counsellor was brilliant at dealing with, he also gave me the strength to believe in myself as a person and make me realise that I can make choices to make my life happier. The marriage may not be saved, but I as a person am getting stronger every day. We all deserve to be treated with respect and not humiliated by others.

I was referred to Bude Counselling Room through my employer. Before my first meeting with him I was apprehensive to say the least, I'm not one for bean bag sessions and pink and fluffy, but I couldn't have been more mistaken.

Initially I thought the hour session would drag and I would dry up after 5 minutes of talking, but Baz made it so easy to talk about the problems and issues I was having that the hour flew by each week, and I was wanting to talk more and more.

Before the course, I had given some serious consideration to just ending it all, but with his help and support I was able to put things into some perspective and am now moving forward in a more positive way. He has given me some useful coping strategies which I have already put into practice.

I would highly recommend his services.

On meeting our counsellor for the first time it was like breathing an enormous sigh of relief, and the following six sessions were incredible. Our counsellor knew exactly how to unpick the bad habits I had developed, and within those six weeks he gave me the tools to begin behaving positively again indefinitely. So, when this year I began suffering with quite severe health anxiety, I didn't hesitate to contact Baz and arrange an appointment to see him. Just like before he made arrangements to see me within just a matter of days and his help was invaluable.

The thing about Baz that is the most comforting, is that not only do you know you'll be receiving the highest level of help and support, but he really GENUINELY takes an interest in your well being. Baz has made a massive, positive difference to my life and I would urge anyone reading this who is considering counselling, to get in touch and book an appointment. The difference it makes is enormous, you'll never look back!

After being married to my husband for 27 years, we started to grow apart. Life’s stresses and pressures lead us down separate paths, to the point where my husband - my best friend was like a stranger to me. It ended up where I felt completely lost, isolated and completely hopeless when I found out that my husband was having an affair with someone I thought was a very close friend and trusted. I was completely devastated. The emotions that engulfed my whole being, ranged from betrayal, shame, overwhelming sadness and emptiness. The situation I found myself in felt surreal, I felt numb from reality. I couldn’t eat or sleep. I couldn’t focus on anything, I couldn’t even put on a load of washing! Nobody could possibly help me … or could they?

I thought Marriage Guidance Counselling was for other people. Not me! I felt that I must be weak to ask for help, I should be able to solve all my own problems. My self-confidence was already at an all-time low, I was about to confess to a complete stranger that my marriage was shattered. Well, I can quite honestly say that the hardest part was picking up the phone asking for help. But Baz listened with such kindness and understanding. He swiftly arranged a time for us to see him. We both were dreading the first session, we walked in to the Counselling room carrying the whole world on our shoulders, but talking to Baz came so naturally as he is friendly and made us feel so welcome, with gentle persuasion we both completely opened up. When we left, we both felt lighter, because we had discovered that there was hope!

Each time we left Baz we felt stronger and closer. He showed us how to face our fears and to be aware of challenges that will come our way. Baz has a knack of making you feel that whatever the problem, it will be alright in the end and that we can deal with the problems we’re facing. Baz clearly is very passionate with the help and care he shows people. I would call it ‘his work’, but it not just a job for Baz, he genuinely really does care about people. Baz says what needs to be said, but he listens and guides you through difficult and turbulent times. Our marriage is ‘Work in Progress’, it is not perfect, but we’ve both learned that that is actually ok. My husband is once more my best friend all thanks to a genuinely kind and wonderful Counsellor / Friend named Baz.